olded and weathered marble at General Carrera Lake

Folded and weathered marble at General Carrera Lake, Chile
This stem is also the idea for the English phrase marmoreal, that means “marble-like.” While the English term resembles the French marbre, maximum other European languages observe the unique Greek—see Persian and Irish marmar, Spanish mármol, Italian marmo, Portuguese mármore, Welsh, Slovene, German, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish marmor, Finnish marmori, Romanian marmură, Polish marmur, Dutch marmer, Turkish mermer, Czech mramor, and Russian мрáмор (mramor). In Hungarian it is known as márvány.
Physical origins
Marble is a rock due to metamorphism of sedimentary carbonate rocks, most typically limestone or dolomite rock. Metamorphism causes variable recrystallization of the original carbonate mineral grains. The resulting marble rock is usually composed of an interlocking mosaic of carbonate crystals. Primary sedimentary textures and systems of the unique carbonate rock (protolith) have usually been changed or destroyed.
Pure white marble is the result of metamorphism of a totally pure (silicate-poor) limestone or dolomite protolith. The characteristic swirls and veins of many coloured marble types are typically because of numerous mineral impurities consisting of clay, silt, sand, iron oxides, or chert which were initially gift as grains or layers in the limestone. Green shade is regularly due to serpentine because of at first magnesium-rich limestone or dolostone with silica impurities. These diverse impurities had been mobilized and recrystallized by the extreme pressure and heat of the metamorphism.
White marble has been prized for its use in sculptures due to the fact that classical instances. This preference has to do with its softness, which made it less complicated to carve, relative isotropy and homogeneity, and a relative resistance to shattering. Also, the low index of refraction of calcite permits mild to penetrate several millimeters into the stone before being scattered out, ensuing inside the function waxy look which gives “existence” to marble sculptures of any type, that’s why many sculptors preferred and nevertheless prefer marble for sculpting.
Construction marble
Construction marble is a stone which consists of calcite, dolomite or serpentine that is capable of taking a polish.[10] More typically in construction, particularly the size stone change, the time period “marble” is used for any crystalline calcitic rock (and a few non-calcitic rocks) beneficial as constructing stone. For instance, Tennessee marble is definitely a dense granular fossiliferous gray to pink to maroon Ordovician limestone that geologists name the Holston Formation.
Ashgabat, the capital metropolis of Turkmenistan, became recorded in the 2013 Guinness Book of Records as having the arena’s maximum awareness of white marble buildings.

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