According to america Geological Survey

According to america Geological Survey, U.S. Domestic marble production in 2006 changed into forty six,400 tons valued at about $18.1 million, in comparison to seventy two,300 lots worth $18.Nine million in 2005. Crushed marble production (for combination and industrial makes use of) in 2006 turned into 11.Eight million heaps worth $116 million, of which 6.Five million lots was finely ground calcium carbonate and the rest turned into production mixture. For contrast, 2005 beaten marble manufacturing become 7.Seventy six million lots worth $58.7 million, of which 4.8 million heaps was finely ground calcium carbonate and the rest was construction aggregate. U.S. Size marble demand is about 1.Three million heaps. The DSAN World Demand for (completed) Marble Index has shown a increase of 12% annually for the 2000–2006 period, in comparison to ten.5% annually for the 2000–2005 duration. The largest measurement marble utility is tile.
In 1998, marble production changed into ruled with the aid of 4 nations that accounted for nearly half of of world manufacturing of marble and decorative stone. Italy and China have been the sector leaders, every representing 16% of global production, whilst Spain and India produced 9% and eight%, respectively. Italy is the arena chief in marble export, with 20% percentage in worldwide marble production, accompanied by means of China with 16%, India with 10%, Spain with 6%, and Portugal with 5%.
Occupational protection
Dust produced through cutting marble may want to cause lung sickness but greater studies needs to be achieved on whether dust filters and other safety merchandise reduce this hazard.[13]
United States
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has set the criminal limit (permissible publicity restrict) for marble exposure within the place of job as 15 mg/m3 total exposure and 5 mg/m3 respiration publicity over an 8-hour workday. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has set a advocated publicity restriction (REL) of 10 mg/m3 general exposure and five mg/m3 respiratory exposure over an eight-hour workday.
Microbial degradation
The haloalkaliphilic methylotrophic bacterium Methylophaga murata was isolated from deteriorating marble inside the Kremlin.[15] Bacterial and fungal degradation was detected in 4 samples of marble from Milan cathedral; black Cladosporium attacked dried acrylic resin[16] using melanin.

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