Nike’s personal supply chain

Nowadays Nike’s income, emblem cost, and company responsibility photograph are all in top-shape.

But what impact has the female impact had on Nike’s personal supply chain? Of the envisioned million-plus people who cut, stitch, stitch, glue, label, and package deal shoes, sports activities fashion, and collegiate apparel for Nike contractors (which includes for Nike manufacturers communicate and Hurley), nearly a 3rd paintings in Vietnam, the unmarried largest host to Nike production in the global. With as a minimum 75 shrunk factories there, Nike is a major motive force of employment in the u . S . A .. About eighty percentage of employees in Nike’s Vietnam factories are women and ladies; some may be as young as sixteen, the minimum age for sure manufacturing facility paintings in Nike’s Code of behavior. Many migrate from poor rural regions in the valuable and northern provinces of the u . S . A . To industrial parks inside the south. In step with Nike, they are regularly “the first women in their circle of relatives to paintings inside the formal economic system.”

Over four weeks in January, I interviewed 18 women, 23 to 55 years vintage, who currently or these days produced, labeled, and packaged Nike footwear and apparel at five one-of-a-kind factories inside 30 miles of Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. These vegetation are indexed on Nike’s web site as employing more than 61,000 lady line people, and Nike sends inspectors to the sites to reveal running conditions and compliance with the business enterprise’s Code of conduct. Nike wouldn’t placed me in contact with personnel of its contract factories, so I contacted an underground workers’ rights organisation and an impartial researcher who focuses on women’s problems.

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