Synonymous with slave wages

Phil Knight himself admits that Nike “has become synonymous with slave wages, compelled overtime, and arbitrary abuse” (Klein, 2001, p375). Nike has been
accused of now not being able to set apart the lowest line – profit – for a moment, to don’t forget the exploitation of
mistreatment of the very people which can be getting them to the bottom line.

A CLR document (1997) examined the working conditions in sports activities factories in China making footwear for Nike, and found that
practices and situations very well violated Nike’s personal code of behavior, the clothing enterprise Partnership code of behavior
and chinese language labour regulation. There are no change unions and any signal of organizing is severely punished giving people no
outlet to express injustices. Despite the fact that the workday is meant to be 8 hours lengthy, the everyday workday is eleven-12
hours, and a couple of-5 hours of compulsory extra time which, if refused, can result in a docking of a day’s pay or even dismissal.
Whilst a worker does now not satisfy their unrealistic day by day quota, they’re compelled into unpaid extra time. Yet, conditions appear
simplest to be getting worse in these factories in those Export Processing Zones.


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