kingdom that Nike became a poster-infant

This modification is so extreme that superbrands refuse to disclose places of production sites, the usage of
competition as an excuse, and stating that they, like us, are “good buy hunters looking for the great deal inside the worldwide
mall” (Klein, 2000, p202). But, their ‘good deal searching’ has intense terrible results for people, for the
workers, as all of the MNCs like Nike are interested by are materials, low fees and transport dates, paying no interest to
how low the prices are, the workers, or running situations.

At the back of the vivid façade of innovate advertising and layout, fitness and health, and athleticism, is a sequence of public
members of the family nightmares: the truth behind Nike. Locke and Siteman (n.D.) kingdom that Nike became a poster-infant of “the
capacity dangers and problems which globalization creates for all multinational corporations” . Except the Swoosh, the
different ‘S’ word that have become synonymous with Nike is sweatshops. Nike has come under increasing scrutiny for underpaid
employees, low wages, toddler labour, mistreatment of workers, and terrible working situations.


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