Nike focused absolutely on advertising

However Nike isn’t always a manufacturing enterprise or maybe a shoe agency; it is a sports corporation. As Feit and Surpuriya (1997) country:
“They were selling sports, an ideology primarily based at the pursuit of excellence in which human beings’s lives are stepped forward through
competition, honest play, health, and self-esteem. The new Nike wasn’t without a doubt about footwear and slam dunks, however about
promoting a higher manner of existence.”
On this way Nike changed into a emblem, an concept and a lifestyle. To hold this photo Nike focused absolutely on advertising, advertising
and promoting. As Phil Knight says: “there may be no cost in making matters any more. The cost is delivered with the aid of careful studies,
by innovation and via marketing” (Klein, 2000, p197). By means of focusing on this, what Nike is making sure is one aspect: earnings. Positioned
in other phrases, as Goldman & Papson (1998) nation: Why take at the complications of constructing production web sites and
organizing and retaining a labour pressure, while it makes extra fiscal experience to subcontract the manufacturing method?

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