Nike turned into progressive advert campaigns

Klein (2000) describes Nike as a transcendent superbrand that took
branding to any other degree, starting to focus mainly on brands and logo management, believing that while products
are made in factories, a emblem is made in the mind and bought by using the customer.

Nike: The Superbrand

The result for Nike turned into progressive advert campaigns, superstars like Michael Jordan, superstores like Nike town, and corporate
campuses consisting of the Nike global campus. The Nike swoosh is in the meantime believed to be the most recognizable brand icon or
company emblem, conveying “Nike” without want of words. The swoosh become designed by a college scholar attending a category
taught by means of Nike CEO Phil Knight. He asked her to create a brand that might suit on the side of a shoe. When she created the
Swoosh, “Knight got the symbol that could revolutionize [Nike… She] got $35” (Feit & Surpuriya, 1997, p11).


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