Exploring Causes and Consequences of the Nike Superbrand

But it is probably in Vietnam that the most shocking worker conditions could be found. In Vietnam, Nike employs around 25,000 workers who produce over a million shoes each year. Nike workers, largely female, are exposed to severe physical, verbal and sexual abuse. Clair (2008) cites cases where 60 female workers were forced to run laps around the factory as punishment for not wearing the right shoes and many women fainted due to the heat and had to be hospitalized, while in another case dozen women were violently beaten on the head by a shoe, and in another case workers mouths were sealed with tape as penalty for talking while working.

Critics say that Nike is aware of these conditions for a long time and are clearly not controlling its contractors, turning a blind eye to these abuses for one simple reason: profit. In Vietnam, it costs Nike $1.50 dollars to produce a shoe that will be sold for $150 dollars in the US.


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