Nike: The Fashion of Sports

Considered one of the biggest and satisfactory-recognised dealers of sports wear inside the international, Nike started out as a maker of athletic shoes, then branched out into footwear and garments for athletes and people who wanted to dress like athletes. The corporation commenced throughout the mid-Sixties, just in time to take benefit of a country wide fitness craze, which stimulated average humans to buy specialised sports activities footwear and clothes. Maximum of folks that spend millions of dollars every year to shop for this specialised sportswear by no means take part in the game for which their clothing changed into designed. However, for the reason that late Seventies health has been in fashion, and it’s far nearly as elegant to dress like an athlete as it’s miles to be one.

Nike turned into based by means of two athletes searching for to enhance athletic footwear. Bill Bowerman (1909–) become music coach on the university of Oregon and Phil Knight (1938–) turned into an accounting pupil he had coached.


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