Production Mistake

consequences vary through manufacturing unit. Of the 14 operating ladies, best six stated they themselves were disciplined with a economic quality. Lan’s mother became one among them. She informed me her manager once made her pay $2.25 out of her own pocket for messing up a shoe.

In a few factories, employees said they learned about those penalties from their managers. Pou Chen, however, prints them in a company handbook. The 2015 version, which I obtained, allows salary penalties for sporting headphones, having a snack on the factory floor, making a production mistake, lingering around at work after a shift or leaving enterprise premises with out an identity card. If any of these are dedicated twice inside three months, the worker’s subsequent boost may be delayed by way of six months.

extra extreme violations, including “being rowdy,” “collecting for non-public talks,” “submitting proceedings to slander others,” “fabricating false stories or starting rumors which can purpose harm to the agency’s order or reputation,” and exceeding the speed restrict on motor bikes on manufacturing unit grounds, deliver the same wage penalty after just one violation. Embezzlement of shoe laces, id card covers, or different materials, the book shows, can result in instantaneous firing.


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