Some Employees Quit After Some Months

“It’s the purpose why some employees quit after some months,” stated Lan’s mother. “They simply can’t take the regular worry for what occurs in the event that they make a mistake or don’t paintings rapid enough.”

Lan’s sisters, who’ve been making footwear some miles away for Pou Chen for seven and eight years, respectively, stated they worry salary penalties levied on employees who make an mistakes.

The general public of the ladies I interviewed advised me that sitting down or making a production mistake can incur effective wage consequences, from losing their month-to-month attendance, productivity, or “diligence” bonuses (the latter are typically about $nine a month) to a six-month suspension of scheduled raises. At the same time as Vietnam’s exertions code allows for a number of these penalties such as the delays in wage increases, the honest hard work affiliation, an international nongovernmental company through which Nike is accredited, forbids them. It considers the penalties “a serious damage for employees’ livelihoods.”


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