Brand New Hyper Adapt prototype

With new data in hand, Beers added sole cushioning and rejiggered the match device so the lacing harnesses hugged less on the toes and extra at the foot’s center, and topics suggested less put on and tear on their toes after in depth workouts. Six months later, with a brand new launch target of 2016 in thoughts, she provided a brand new Hyper Adapt prototype to the Kitchen’s evaluation panel. The skeptics had been satisfied.

She sees me looking at mutely on the footwear as if looking ahead to instructions. “All you have to do is step into it,” Beers says. The second I do so, the shoe emits an electric whizzing noise, like that of a baby’s toy. It’s the noise you may make if you had been doing the robot. The sound is weirdly pleasurable, possibly because it happens because the shoe embraces my foot in a mild form of hug.


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