Conducts Global Investigations

One woman broke down in tears discussing her manager. “They’re simply so imply,” she stated. “‘You’re an grownup, make human beings admire you!’” she stated managers will yell at her. She stated that the response to proceedings became to “handiest make your lifestyles tougher and try to make you quiet.”

The ladies I met with are not the first to degree such critiques at Nike. Scott Nova, director of the employee Rights Consortium, a Washington, D.C.–based nonprofit that conducts global investigations of operating conditions in garb factories, wasn’t surprised through what I’d heard. He informed me that “those kinds of abuses are sadly regular of running situations within the Vietnamese supply chains of main Western brands and retailers. They’re not restricted to Nike.” Nova said that “in particular, relentless and abusive strain on people to speed manufacturing is not unusual, as is forced beyond regular time in violation of country wide regulation.”


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