The Argument that wages in Vietnam

In line with Nova, but, “The argument that wages in Vietnam have to be set with the aid of negotiations regarding worker representatives is deeply disingenuous.” He factors out that such negotiations would possibly now not prefer workers in a rustic where the most effective union (which does function in Nike-affiliated factories) is controlled by using the authorities and wherein respectable union leaders are often manufacturing facility managers. At Hansae, he stated, the head of the union is the manufacturing facility’s top human resources supervisor. “Any salary negotiation at Hansae might, pretty actually, involve management negotiating with itself.”

Nova also does now not buy the argument that failure to address the hassle of poverty wages is justified by way of the “complexity” of the issue. The WRC has advanced precise measures of a living wage for garment employees, primarily based at the price of food, garb, housing, transportation, fitness care, and other offerings for an average family. The WRC’s discern for Vietnam is lower than what the ladies counseled but nevertheless three instances the contemporary minimal wage: $516 a month, or $2.48 in step with hour, and almost double the earnings of what ladies with eleven years of revel in made.


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