Employees Nonetheless have nothing in Vietnam

Unleashing the woman effect seems honestly not possible on the Vietnamese minimal salary, which Nike calls for its neighborhood providers to satisfy. Inside the vicinity wherein the girls I met with paintings, the minimal wage presently stands at $156 consistent with month for a forty eight-hour workweek.

The pay slips I checked out display that small bonuses, along with a diligence bonus, small housing allowances, and transportation charges, frequently bump it as much as $one hundred seventy or $a hundred and eighty. Of the 18 women I spoke with, 15 made between $170 and $247 according to month; ladies with 11 and 12 years of experience each at their factories made $270 according to month, and one manager, who had just commenced her 14th year at Pou Chen, made $436 a month.

“employees nonetheless have nothing in Vietnam,” a fifty five-yr-old who sprays shoe soles at Chang Shin instructed me. “Our lives are very tough.”


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