This has caused jitters among local producers

The 500-acre project in Athi River has attracted three Indian investors interested in setting up tanning factories at the proposed park, which will be funded fully by the private sector at an estimated cost of Sh17 billion.

This has caused jitters among local producers of leather products, especially small and medium enterprises, as the KFMA push to revive the industry which has struggled for the last 27 years. Mohamed, however, yesterday assured local leather players of the government support, saying the park will have a dedicated area for SMEs.

“The leather park will provide a one-stop shop for processing of leather and finished products. It will be open for domestic and foreign investors,” Mohamed said in Nairobi during the launch of the KFMA five-year strategic plan, aimed at boosting the sector’s growth.
Chloe, six, was followed by Hugo, three, who was born in London, where the couple lived for two years. At the time of Emma’s dad’s phone call, they were debating about coming home, as they wanted Chloe to go to school in Ireland.
“Dad said, ‘I’m having a cup of tea with the lady who owns gran’s house’. It transpired that Carlo, who did painting jobs around the house for my dad, was doing a job for this lady, Susan. They got talking, and Carlo found out that Jill, Susan’s late mother, had bought my grandmother’s holiday bungalow in Brittas from her. Susan asked Carlo for my dad’s phone number, purely to have a chat,” Emma recalls, adding, “The house had been left to Susan by her mother, and it had been derelict for 10 years. At that stage, she had no intention of selling the house, but I expressed an interest, and she thought the fact that it had been my grandmother’s house, and that I loved it enough to want to buy it, even though it was derelict, was a wonderful story,” Emma recalls.


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