Primeknit shoe

Actual to shape, Nike remained tight lipped about how they have been generating the Flyknit Racer. What turned into clean become that a flat knitting device changed into being used, growing a unmarried piece higher with a closed selvedge all of the manner around and the Flywire lacing aid structure woven in. They announced that they had evolved variations of their own polyester yarn, every with exclusive denier or tensile residences according to their intended use – more elasticity could be needed in regions that require stretch, for instance.

Months after Nike’s Flyknit racer launched adidas released their first Primeknit shoe, the adizero Primeknit. The approach adidas took to selling the shoe shed a bit of mild on their process with the release of a video displaying the manufacturing of the shoe from start to complete. The video showed the precise form of Stoll flat knitting system they had been the usage of (pictured left), in addition to a near up look at their tensioning installation and needle beds. There had been apparent differences from the start, the Nike shoe became a much more complex knitting pattern, even as the adidas Primeknit shoe used jacquard techniques to produce its end.


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