Environmental effect


  • conditioning – water is introduced to the leather to a level of 18-28%.
  • softening – bodily softening of the leather-based by using setting apart the leather fibres.
  • buffing – abrasion of the surfaces of the leather-based to lessen nap or grain defects.

Surface coating

For a few leathers a floor coating is implemented. Tanners consult with this as finishing. Finishing operations may also consist of:

  • oiling
  • brushing
  • padding
  • impregnation
  • buffing
  • spraying
  • curler coating
  • curtain coating
  • polishing
  • plating
  • embossing
  • ironing
  • combing (hair-on)
  • glazing


In addition to the alternative environmental influences of leather-based, the manufacturing approaches have a excessive environmental effect, maximum appreciably due to:

  • the heavy use of polluting chemical compounds in the tanning technique
  • air pollution because of the transformation method (hydrogen sulfide for the duration of dehairing and ammonia during deliming, solvent vapours).

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