Money for the Hospital Visits

She was on maternity leave and was breast-feeding her forty-day-old daughter after I visited her. She told me she become 15 whilst she left her own family in a coastal province to paintings in Ho Chi Minh to assist provide for her dad and mom, both impoverished farmers. After three years in a garb shop she joined her aunt on the Pou Chen plant.

She met her husband at 23, and the couple’s first toddler, Dung, turned into unwell often. “She coughed all of the time,” Lien told me. “We just couldn’t come up with the money for the hospital visits, so I had to send her lower back to my family,” extra than 500 miles away. During the next years, Lien most effective noticed Dung as soon as. “I missed her a lot. I cried each night time and felt very guilty, but what become I speculated to do?” After years, while Dung’s health turned into extra solid, Lien added her lower back. That became five years in the past.



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