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From other animals



Today, maximum leather is made from cattle skin, however many exceptions exist. Lamb and deerskin are used for gentle leather in greater high-priced garb. Deer and elkskin are extensively used in paintings gloves and indoor footwear. Pigskin is utilized in garb and on seats of saddles. Buffalo, goat, alligator, snake, ostrich, kangaroo, ox, and yak skins may also be used for leather.


Kangaroo leather is used to make objects that ought to be sturdy however flexible. It is the cloth maximum generally utilized in bullwhips. Some motorcyclists prefer kangaroo leather-based for motorbike leathers because of its light weight and abrasion resistance.[4] Kangaroo leather-based[5] is likewise used for falconry jesses, football shoes,[6] and boxing velocity bags.[7] At one of a kind times in history, leather-based crafted from more distinguished skins has been taken into consideration proper. For this motive, certain species of snakes and crocodiles have been hunted.[citation needed]


Although firstly raised for his or her feathers within the 19th century, ostriches are actually greater famous for both meat and leather-based.[8] Different methods produce exceptional finishes for plenty packages, i.E., upholstery, footwear, automobile merchandise, add-ons, and apparel. Ostrich leather-based is currently utilized by many predominant style houses such as Herm├Ęs, Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. Ostrich leather-based has a characteristic “goose bump” appearance due to the huge follicles where the feathers grew.



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