Less-common leathers encompass:




Buckskin or brained leather-based is a tanning technique that makes use of animal brains or other fatty materials to alter the leather-based. The resulting supple, suede-like conceal is generally smoked heavily to save you it from returning to a rawhide state, if wetted. It is easier to melt, and enables repel leather-based-eating bugs.

Patent leather-based is leather-based that has been given a high-gloss finish. Inventor Seth Boyden evolved the original method in Newark, New Jersey in 1818. Patent leather usually has a plastic coating.

Fish leather-based is famous for its motifs and its pigmentation. Mainly used for making shoes and luggage, the fish skin is tanned like different animal skins.[2] The species used consist of salmon, perch, sturgeon, and so on.

Salmon : farmed in Iceland and Norway, salmon pores and skin has fine scales. Its electricity and stylish appearance make it the most famous fish leather.

Perch : from the Nile, its skin is recognizable with massive, round and smooth scales

Wolffish : easy, with out scales, with darkish spots, and stripes because of the friction of marine rocks

Cod : finer scales than salmon, however greater varied texture, once in a while easy and sometimes tough

Sturgeon : regarded for its eggs (caviar), its leather-based is pretty costly

Eel : without scales, its skin is shiny

Tilapia : originally from Africa and farmed in lots of places, tilapia leather is beautiful, with resistant traits just like salmon and perch[3]


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