Ideas for Changing Pornography Usage


Any of the signs above may want to suggest your pornography use is a hassle. If you are worried you or someone you care about may also have a hassle, please view the resources beneath for expert assist or healing conferences.


  • Change routines and environments that lead to pornography utilization. Avoid excessive-danger situations.
  • Make a listing of the advantageous and poor outcomes of using as opposed to no longer using pornography.
  • Spend much less time alone. Review the status of your friendships and relationships. Are they meaningful and fulfilling? If no longer, what might cause them to extra enjoyable?
  • Learn new methods of coping with strong feelings like anxiety, loneliness, anger, despair and tedium.
  • Identify activities that allow you to loosen up, enjoy yourself and feel refreshed.


If you suspect you can have a trouble with pornography or intercourse addiction, touch the Student Counseling Center for further assessment with a expert.

The campus-based totally Center for Students in Recovery has meetings to assist the ones suffering with pornography or intercourse dependancy.

The following meetings inside the Dallas network can be useful for those with a pornography addiction, or those who are laid low with any other man or woman’s use:


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