Fiscal Sponsorship


For this reason, it is usually a good idea for the filmmaker to discover a non-income “monetary sponsor” to deal with all donations for the mission. That manner, you may provide folks that need to aid the assignment the possibility to make a tax deductible donation. Also, managing and coping with cash may be a prime ache, so having a longtime organization handle your cash will not best provide you with peace of mind, but also instill self assurance in the donor that their cash is going through a reputable company.

Typically, a fiscal sponsor will charge five-10% of all donations as a management rate — even though it’s possible you may find a non-earnings to partner with you totally free.

If you decide upon to address all the donations yourself, you can recollect beginning your own non-profit agency for the venture. The technique within reason trustworthy, but it is able to take months to get approval and will value you possibly $1500 or so in set-up prices. If you believe you studied you may be doing multiple documentaries over a few years, that is well worth considering, however in all likelihood not for a one time document.

A few filmmaking groups that offer Fiscal Sponsorships:

  • The International Documentary Association
  • Women Making Movies
  • The Center for Independent Documentary


Research different potential financial sponsors at www.Fiscalsponsordirectory.Org

As a facet observe here. If your goal is to have your movie broadcast on PBS, there are strict hints on where your funding comes from. For instance, if your documentary is about the Red Cross, you cannot take delivery of money from the Red Cross — this offers the arrival of a propaganda piece.


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