Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit

Documentary movie makers typically have a confrontational mind-set which goes the miracle of their films. An example of this will be Michael Moore, who ventured into documentary film making with the aid of first generating a film at the downsizing of the General Motors plant in his fatherland. With a budget of best $a hundred and sixty,000, he created a master piece which went directly to gross more than $6.7 million. His distinctively confrontational mind-set is what sets his documentaries aside.

Documentaries can cover any issue, no longer necessarily heavy ones like politics and society. The “Exit through the present keep,” which became nominated at the Oscars, relates a tale approximately street art. Musicals, comedy, military corruption, wildlife, meals wastage – the scope for documentary titles are limitless.

Documentary investment is regularly the most important hurdle confronted by documentary filmmakers.

Unless you’re Michael Moore making thousands and thousands in income out of your movies, most documentaries make little or no, if any, sales.

Someone once quoted to me that the common documentary makes approximately $2,000 in profit. I do not know if it’s true, but based on my experience within the documentary subject, that parent truely rings actual.

If you take into account that a one-hour documentary could easily cost $50,000 to $250,000 to make (and it simplest generates $2,000 in sales), you could quick see that documentaries are normally not profit-generating products.


The secret to not loosing money (and perhaps even making a income) is to elevate all the money UPFRONT.

Learn the secrets to raising cash in your documentary.

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