Captures the non-public and human detail of the story

There is usually a lot of overlap whilst speakme about a documentary remedy, documentary idea and documentary synopsis.

Documentary Proposal – This explains the entire scope of your documentary venture from story synopsis to the human beings you’re planning to interview on your distribution plan.

Documentary Treatment – The remedy is nearly like a script, detailing actual scenes and describing what the audience will see, hear and experience.

Documentary Synopsis – The synopsis is typically the primary segment of the notion. It is an clean-to-read explanation of what your story is about, why the story is good sized and the way you’re going to tell it.


Tips for writing your documentary treatment:

  • Use an active voice (don’t say “We can be doing this movie”, say “This movie is..”). Make the reader consider this film IS occurring.


  • Write colorfully – avoid universal descriptions like “specific” or “magical”. Explain why some thing is magical or unique.


  • Be particular – Don’t just provide a popular evaluation of your story. Describe conditions, human beings and characters in bright detail to make the story come alive.

An powerful documentary treatment:

  • Tells a amazing story thru both narrative and visual description



  • Engages, inspires and leaves the reader feeling like “this tale MUST be advised”


The idea in the back of a treatment is to have a written report that absolutely describes the documentary venture that may be made to be had to capacity traders, individuals or supporters. This is step one within the method to lay out your vision on paper (or a website).

Your thought/treatment is basically a income pitch in your documentary concept and should be as compelling as possible to capture the imagination and exhilaration of the reader.



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