Prescription Painkillers: Millennials’ Drug of Choice

So which tablets have risen to prominence as the most famous among Millennials? For this generation, the trend is in particular clean: Prescription painkiller abuse is greater not unusual among Millennials than any era before. At their peaks, fewer than eight% of Boomers and Gen Xers abused painkillers within the beyond yr – but over 12% of Millennials a while 19–20 report latest painkiller abuse. As prescription opioid abuse6, diversion, and overdose7 continue to plague the U.S., this generation will be at extra danger of addiction than ever.


The records have been received from the United States Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and it consists of the annual National Survey on Drug Use and Health (formerly the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse), which spans 1978 to 2013. These surveys offer estimates of substance use amongst Americans a while 12 and above, along with numbers on the use of alcohol, tobacco, and a diffusion of training of illicit tablets. The information include occurrence of utilization of given substances amongst some of age agencies, and specifies usage in the past month, beyond 12 months, and ever in their lifetime.

These collected surveys were entered into the Python pandas information analysis package deal and filtered to institution the facts into 10 main instructions of substance utilization. The U.S. Populace over age 12 in a given 12 months become used to weight person members’ responses in that yr, and decide the proportion of the population that a given response is representative of. As the surveys’ coding of age varied from yr to yr and sometimes represented stages in preference to precise a while, yearly population pyramid statistics had been used to adjust the burden of each response in an effort to ensure that the weighting contemplated the yr’s population distribution.


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