Lower stage of BOD is indicative of greater quality of water and better stage of BOD isreflection of bad exceptional of water. BOD with 3-6mg/liter implies slight pollutants andwith better than 6mg/liter implies better stage of pollutants. The effective correlation withBOD observations under 3mg/liter and terrible correlation with BODobservations between3mg-6mg/liter areindicative that exports of leather-based region is growing with the growing in ambientquality of water in India.However a large fantastic relation between BOD observations and export fashion preventsto draw an unequivocal dating between water exceptional and leather exports in India duringthe length 1986-2010.In order to degree the contribution of leather enterprise in water pollution , we can analyzethe performance of Ganga Action Plan, as thisriver basin meets the needs of four essential leather generating states namely, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.Again pollution of the river satisfactory by way of numerous other pollutive industries like engineering, paper generators, textile, and organicchemicals arealso in significant proportions and waste water era via leather tanneries are much less giant than them.Those fourstates in together constitute forty eight % of tanneries and endure 19.5% of Water Pollution Load (BOD).The first largescale movement plannamely Ganga Action Plan (GAP-Phase-I)oriented toward rehabilitation of water resources via installing Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)become lunched in 1985.Outof 1340 MLD (tens of millions in step with day) ability that first of all centered for sewage treatment, only873 MLD turned into simply setup. The range of industries with ETProse to almost four timesduring1985-1995.In 1995, no such industries were found in the financial institution of Ganga whichdoesnot have ETP.Under GAP (Phase II), the cleansing venture started out inside the 12 months 1993 and 119grossly polluting industries had been recognized for the duration of 1997. Graph-6 comprehensively exhibits



18howtheambient fine of thetannery industriesimproved atthe financial institution of the river Gangaover the period 1985-98, so far as itscleaning ofwaste water is involved.


Progress of GAP (under I & II) [1985-1998]

010203040506070801985-86 1988-89 1990-ninety one 1992-93 1994-ninety five 1995-96 1997-98



Industries with ETP InstalledIndustries Without ETPInstallation+Sheet1!$B$19:$C$21Industries with ETP under constructionClosed Industries

Source:CPCB (Annual Reports), IndianLeather Industry, Italian Trade Commission, 2010

Assuming ETP installation as pollution abatement degree a degree of affiliation withleatherexport fashion may be measure. That also shows asignificantly positivecorrelation.Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient (ETP Installation, Leather Exports) = 0.812*Spearman’s Rank Correlation Coefficient (ETP Installation, Leather Exports) = zero.886*


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