Need for an Integrated Pollution Control Approach at Kanpur

Further, centers (tannery waste conveyance gadget and 36 mld CETP) have been created to deal with the particularly polluting tannery effluents. CETP become designed to deal with chrome free tannery effluents. The tannery owners had been presupposed to faucet chromium at source, which they in no way did. As a end result, the tannery waste circulate achieving the CETP contained chromium, thereby jeopardizing the functioning of the CETP and growing huge environmental and public health affects.

Subsequently, the concern of the pollution control agencies shifted to installing the Chromium Recovery Plants (CRP) inside the tanneries at Kanpur. Out of 225 strange tanneries, which are purported to have hooked up CRP, best approximately 40 odd tanneries sincerely have done so. All worried pollution control organizations were combating to get the CRP hooked up considering the fact that March 2000 with out fulfillment.

Till date, chromium become the handiest dangerous pollutant (heavy metal) identified by way of the pollution control groups in the tannery waste streams. With the identity of recent risky pollution as located inside the Eco Friends – IIT Kanpur record, the existing and future threats to surroundings and public fitness have accelerated manifold.

The current pollutants manage mechanisms do no longer cope with these new extraordinarily unsafe threats that the tanneries have been posing to the surroundings/public fitness at Kanpur. With the establishment of the Chromium healing plant life on my own, the problem of pollutants would no longer disappear. There is also a want to now install an Arsenic Recovery Plant, a Cadmium Recovery Plant, a Mercury Recovery Plant and so forth. Also, the quantity/ forms of remedy plants required to comprehensively stop the pollutants being unfold with the aid of the tanneries at Kanpur might in itself be a hazardous guess.


The fact that the hassle of tackling tannery pollution now goes past putting in chrome restoration plant life is in itself a maximum disconcerting truth. However, the same needs to be faced squarely via the pollutants manipulate government. Admittedly, this is a tough venture but an vital one. At the moment, apparently the approach of the pollution manage authorities appears to be partial and ad-hoc.

There is an urgent want to first check out comprehensively the chemicals being used by the tanneries at Kanpur at any/each degree in their production cycle. It is most effective while we understand these facts and listing out all the pollutants being used, are we able to take the second one step of controlling/regulating them.


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