Issue of Effective and Verifiable/Transparent Monitoring of Tanneries


The extra essential problem pertains to the duty of the worried tanneries themselves. For how lengthy does the government propose to hold making an investment money and time to clean up their mess?

There must be shift inside the approach of the authorities companies too. It appears logical for the government not to get concerned within the real treatment technique, as it is the primary obligation of the concerned tanneries to stop the usage of hazardous chemical substances inside the production cycle and shift to cleanser options. Why need to the tanneries remain subsidized on the fee of the general public exchequer? In something methods possible, the ‘polluter need to pay’ principle must be carried out to all polluting tanneries.


It has often been suggested that even when the tanneries worried have established the Primary Effluent Treatment Plants and Chrome Recovery Plants (best forty odd out of a listing of 225), the identical aren’t being used often. It has often been observed that the tanneries dump the pollutants related concerns in favour of raising their earnings margins. Installing, working and maintaining the Primary Effluent Treatment Plants and Chrome Recovery Plants upload to the production prices subsequently they exist handiest in call.

Looking on the dismal photograph of pollution identification and manipulate at Kanpur, it is pertinent that the pollutants manipulate government devise an powerful and verifiable monitoring mechanism, which does no longer turn out to be hostage to manipulation and petty corruption. Considerable time, power and imagination want to be implemented to devise an open and transparent device of tracking which achieves its primary dreams on a non-stop basis. Until one of these device is in place, controlling the pollutants at Ganga shall stay  dream.

Such an powerful and transparent system desires to be evolved urgently in affiliation with grass root degree agencies, that are working on the difficulty and know absolutely the weaknesses of the present regime of pollutants regulation and manipulate.

In the light of the above, Eco friends demands the following:

  1. The Central Pollution Control Board and the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board must carry out a comprehensive research of all of the leather-based industries in Kanpur. The research have to consist of all the chemicals, which might be being used inside the whole production cycle of the leather tanneries. The tanneries accountable for discharge of the above toxic pollutants ought to be held accountable by means of the concerned governmental organizations.
  2. Sources of Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury and Nickel within the tannery waste streams need to be found out on an pressing foundation.

Three. Those industries, that are diverting business effluents immediately into the domestic sewage line, have to be recognized and stopped without delay.

4. A thorough investigation needs to be made within the Jajmau location to determine the total nature and volume of the impact of pollution and harm to soil, food vegetation, underground water and its impact on public health. Full reimbursement have to be furnished to the affected populace for vast damage to plants, soil and people’s fitness.


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