How many Treatment Plants would be sufficient to stop Pollution from Tanneries?

According to the World Health Organisation, those heavy metals have a lethal effect on public fitness after they enter the meals/ water chain. Cadmium is a effective kidney toxicant and Mercury is a strong neurological toxicant. Chromium VI is a known human carcinogen. Other metals too are strong assets of renal, neurological, pores and skin diseases and blue infant syndrome affecting babies. At Jajmau, Kanpur, These heavy metals have infected the underground water streams and are having a devastating effect on surroundings and public fitness (see Appendix II).

A summary of Eco Friends- IIT Kanpur, Test effects is supplied underneath:

  1. Alarmingly high levels of Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, Nickel and Chrome VI were found inside the raw tannery waste water being generated at Kanpur and Unnao Industrial location.
  2. Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, Nickel and Chrome VI have also been determined in raw Kanpur metropolis sewage reaching the Main Pumping Station in Jajmau. This additionally indicates that the domestic sewage line is also being fed with poisonous commercial effluents.
  3. The above toxicants also are gift within the Post Treated Sewage Irrigation Water channel used for farmland irrigation within the Jajmau location.

Four. Alarmingly excessive degrees of Arsenic, Mercury, Nickel and Chrome VI were observed inside the publish-dealt with tannery effluents at CETP Unnao. The CETP at Unnao caters exclusively to the effluents from the massive tanneries and has no inflow of domestic sewage, pointing to the truth that the tanneries are in truth liable for the presence of these toxicants. This is particularly shocking considering that all worried is projecting the CETP at Unnao, a non-public agency, is being projected as a model task and a success tale within the collection and treatment of tannery effluents by using all involved.


Under the Ganga Action Plan the treatment procedure sought to reduce the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and the Total Suspended and Dissolved Solids within the commercial waste streams.

At Kanpur, the leather tanneries were diagnosed as the main wrongdoer of Ganga pollution. Accordingly, Primary Effluent Treatment Plant (PETP) turned into made mandatory inside the leather-based tanneries


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