Ms. Magazine (US) publishes “The Globe-Trotting Sneaker” by way of Cynthia Enloe.  


Press for change take a look at in Indonesia files continued salary-cheating.


Moves at Nagasakiti Paramshoes (NASA) and Tae Hwa.


Principal investigative reports in Boston Globe and los angeles times.


Corrupt Indonesian Minister of Manpower overrules pinnacle hard work court on Sung Hwa case, in desire of Nike contractor.


Moves at Pou Chen and Pratama Abadi.


Press for exchange runs advertisements in opportunity weeklies in 3 important towns. Nike legal professionals reply with libel action threats against two courses.


Chicago Tribune report, “Wages of disgrace”, details war of employees making Nike footwear in Indonesia and rates Nike’s Indonesia supervisor, Tony Nava, who says organization “can not recognize” if hard work practices reviews by way of contractors are actually authentic. Nava criticizes newly-shaped independent trade union only weeks after Indonesian government jailed the institution’s chief.


1995 (top)

supervisor at Pratama Abadi lines up and slaps fifteen women from high-quality control segment. (Press for exchange interviewed witness who become herself slapped in a separate incident.) Nike offices in Jakarta and Oregon knowledgeable — no response obtained.



US A.I.D.-backed studies wraps up three-year studies observe — one hundred fifty five,000 Indonesian employees interviewed at numerous hundred factories. Over 500 workers at Nike-generating manufacturing facility in Majalaya, W. Java file problems such as pressured additional time and unlawful wage deductions.


Canadian organization, Developpment et Paix, starts two-yr campaign to monitor and file on distant places production of Nike footwear and Levi’s jeans. Director travels to Indonesia and interviews dozens of people.


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