Los angeles times — “New shots Fired in Indonesia salary conflict” (Nike and GSP)  

Strike at Pratama Abadi.


Indonesian every day Media Indonesia runs three-day document on abuses at shoe factories. Headline 2d day: global Shoe Giants Rape employee Rights.


Korean businessmen again and again warned in newspapers approximately abusive hard work practices.


Thames television (uk) proclaims investigative document on Nike contractor in Indonesia.


The Economist reports on unrest at shoe factories generating for Nike.


Departmental strikes at Tae Hwa and Pratama Abadi.


Knight Ridder (US) wire document on Nike-generating shoe factories. Correspondent spoke with Indonesian workers.


Institute of generation (Bandung, W. Java) and Dutch Institute for Social research publish file on shoe industry in Indonesia. Leads to assault by Indonesia’s Minister of funding Coordination and next restrict on press reports about low wages and abusive situations at shoe factories.


1992 (top)

Oregonian (US) newspaper prints lengthy article on Nike’s Indonesia operations — Phil Knight (Nike CEO) writes irritated denunciation (which includes sizeable real inaccuracies).


US kingdom branch report to Congress on Human Rights highlights shoe factories’ refusal to pay Indonesia’s minimum wage.


Strike at Sung Hwa.


Nike formulates “Code of conduct and Memorandum of expertise” for contractors.


Cover tale of a ways japanese monetary evaluation appears at Nike’s Asian operations — cites “rough side” to Nike’s “…just Do It dream: the ruthlessness with which Nike pares its charges. The enterprise is all the time in search of reasonably-priced manufacturing websites “.


Harper’s mag publishes “Nike: the new unfastened-exchange Heel” via Jeff Ballinger.



1993 (top)

Sung Hwa protest leaders sacked after ten-week research by means of local security forces — protected intimidation and interrogations. Twenty-four people subsequently gained case against contractor at best court of Indonesia (1997).



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