Centro Nuovo Modello di Sviluppo debate with Nike official before crowd of 300 in Rome.


Australian CAA launches submit-card marketing campaign and inaugurates Nike campaign e-mail list-serv.


Strikes by means of thousands of Nike-producing employees in Vietnam.


Canadian auto employees sponsor 2d N. American tour of Cicih Sukaesih, fired Nike worker.


Nguyen of VLW meets people in Viet Nam. International exchange organizes press convention for Nguyen — additionally attended by using Press for exchange and AFL-CIO Vice-President, Clayola Brown.


Portland’s Jobs With Justice enables to organize large may additionally Day protest at Nike store.


Tiger Woods shrugs off sweatshop question at British Open.


Nike hires former UN Ambassador, Andrew young, to excursion Asian factories. Younger makes use of Nike translators and his record is regarded as shallow and unhelpful.


Protests conducted at new Nike keep openings in Seattle, San Francisco and Boston.


50,000 greater postcards delivered to Nike from Canadians — organized by Developpment et Paix.


Huge protest and three-day strike at Garuda Indawa — severance pay problem.


Asian monetary crisis brings Nike contractors’ according to-day hard work price down from $2.50 an afternoon to $.70. Subsequent strengthening of Indonesian rupiah to dollar brings salary returned to approximately $1.10 by yr-cease. Indonesian proprietor of HASI factory complains that Nike demanded all financial savings as a result of crash of rupiah.


Campaign for exertions Rights organizes international-huge day of protest regarding Nike’s labor practices. Actions in fifty towns.




Joint file on Nike contractors in China via Hong Kong Christian commercial Committee. And Asia display aid center.


White house panel on sweatshops pronounces “standards” for clothing and shoe agencies. Significantly criticized by using most anti-sweat businesses.


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