Sneaker manufacturers love to introduce us to the state-of-the-art improvements within the footwear global. If you evaluate a number of the shoes accessible these days you’ll note the big brands are engaged in a technological palms race in a quest for sneaker international domination. In reputation of the pioneering spirit we’ve decided to interrupt down a number of these capabilities, week through week, in our new fabric topics series. Every edition will speak approximately a few teched out element of the sneaker sport, new and old, to assist build a larger picture of what goes on behind the mesh curtain of the industry.

Take a minute to reflect onconsideration on what number of one of a kind sneaker uppers you’ve visible – diverse production techniques, substances, guide elements – it’d take a significantly long term to list them. With all of those technologies vying for superiority, the advent of a completely new production method and next dominance of the marketplace is an insanely huge success. It seems like anyplace you appearance in recent times there’s a knitted shoe, it turned into simplest half a decade in the past that they didn’t exist. The sock-like style patterns line the shelves of boutiques, whilst the high collared overall performance shoes dominates athletic tracks and sports arenas from the expert degree down


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