An overview of Nike running shoe upper technologies


Information the meaning and layout standards behind the tech names will assist you navigate via the catalog quicker. right here’s an overview.


Nike going for walks shoes Flyknit element

Flyknit is a special woven cloth that makes the top of a shoe feel like a sock, with the aid of placing yarns and knits strategically around the shape if you want to guide the foot of the runner whilstwished and leave it unfastened everywhere else.

Flyknit running footwear are light-weight: a mild yarn replaces more than one stitched or glued panels. Flyknit additionally allows for extremely precise top fit, being able to seamlessly integrate tight-knit regions wherein assist is needed and extensive-knit areas to allow for flexibility.

Flyknit is environmentally pleasant because it produces 60% much less waste than historicallyconstructed strolling shoe uppers.

This era is Nike’s modern day, so expect to pay a top class for Flyknit footwear.

maximum high-quality examples of Flyknit shoes are the Flyknit Racer (as the name implies, a quick and mild shoe for racing distances all of the manner to the marathon) and the Nike loose Flyknit (a very flexible and lightweight strolling shoe to strengthen and educate the muscular tissues in yourfeet).


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