Nike Celebrates the ‘Real Girls of Moscow’

In April, Nike ladies released its famous “higher for It” motivational marketing campaign inside the U.S. Now, the sportswear giant is increasing the tagline in Russia.
A 1/2-dozen new spots from Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam feature the identical playful attitude and fashionable message—that the advantages of exercising outweigh the task—however take a barely distinct tone, as you would possibly expect from ads that characteristic expert athletes in place of the common exercisers represented within the U.S. Work.
The digital camera work, from director Carlos Serrao, is a touch greater dramatic in its attention to element, with scenes like yogi Olga Markes retaining a particularly brutal pose whilst dripping sweat and boxer Kate Izotova getting punched inside the face even as sparring (a moment featured, obviously, in slow motion).
The copy, in the meantime, comes across as much less brazenly susceptible than within the U.S. Ads, in which ladies explicitly tolerated their personal misery (largely occur as lack of confidence) for the promise of self-improvement ultimately. Alternatively, the Russian athletes seem to be a bit more defiant of their arrogance—embracing pain in pursuit of perfection or glory.


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