Health Care and culture are increasingly

Furthermore, because of the declining role of the state in financing and organizing social and public services, education, health care and culture are increasingly being commodified by brands and MNCs, primarily through sponsorship. As Went (2000) states, “money plays a steadily more important role in people’s everyday experience” (p43).

Finally, the economy is now characterized by rising inequality and slow or no growth. All the features of neoliberal globalization such as increasing liberalization, deregulation, privatization, flexibility and internationalization are leading to the social differences within and among countries. Increased profits are associated with rising unemployment and reduced pay. A recent report stated: “Corporate restructuring, labour shedding and wage repression in this world of sluggish growth have thus become the order of the day, generating increased job and income insecurity” (Went, 2000, p36). At the same time as working conditions and income are under strain because of global competition, the MNCs ability to find the most profitable investments keep increasing.


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