Increase the global incidence of occupational disease and injury

Went (2000) states: “The continuing shift of industrial production to low-cost sites in developing countries where worker protection is lower is likely to increase the global incidence of occupational disease and injury” (p17). Development is established on lower wages as trade in good, services and capital becomes freer as a result of international norms and policies. MNCs have become obsessed with continual cost-cutting through the shrinking of their workforces and the consequent saving on wage and social security. Eden & Lenway (2001) state that the MNC is one of the very few benefiting from globalization, being that it is an embodiment of globalization, “the prime movers behind globalization, taking advantage of the increased openness of domestic economies to integrate their activities across national markets and societies” (p383). The side effects of this are manifold. As countries aim to become more competitive in the global company by reducing wages and job and social security, incomes and infrastructure worsens. Low wages and less public spending result in less buying power or stagnation, recession and unemployment.


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