Going Legit

No longer relatively, Nike’s version of occasions doesn’t supply as a great deal credit score to the iron hand of the Olympic Committee. According to Nike spokesperson Charlie Brooks, Nike signed on as a sponsor for the 2000 Sydney games in large part because Reebok pulled out of its deal on the remaining minute.
“I don’t assume our whole sponsorship method has modified because of what happened in Atlanta in 1996,” Brooks stated.
As for its easing up on its mercenary tone and procedures, “Nike has built a brand on, to some extent, edgy advertising and marketing and brand image,” Brooks stated. “And virtually at that point, we have been pushing the envelope in terms of those thoughts. We keep to have an irreverent edge to us, but we are privy to the want to do that in the framework of occasions like the Olympics.”
nowadays, brands deliberating ambushing the games should take care of a set of regulations made stricter in big element attributable to the 1996 video games.


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