MIA HAMM seems from the outdoor

MIA HAMM seems from the outdoor like the smooth headquarters of a completely rich prescribed drugs corporation. All of the foremost company systems on the Nike campus in Beaverton are named after the enterprise’s most famous subsidized stars—there’s the john McEnroe, the Michael Jordan, the Tiger Woods, the Bo Jackson—and though the Mia Hamm building rises a trifling four memories aboveground, it’s domestic to a cavernous basement degree this is suggestive of bunkers, categorised military research installations, and villains’ lairs. The constructing is off-limits to the overpowering majority of Nike employees and the totality of all people else, and its top-secret nature is owed to the truth that it incorporates Nike’s most superior R&D labs, its sneaker-prototype-fabrication skunkworks, its cutting-edge materials-checking out rooms, its biomechanics labs, and the experimental idea-shoe atelier that the organisation has dubbed the Innovation Kitchen in homage to Nike’s foundation tale.


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