Golden Opportunity

Johnson in his gold Nikes. Photo: Getty pics
That afternoon, sprinter Michael Johnson took the gold within the four hundred-meter dash after completing in 43.49 seconds. Tall, muscular and swish, Johnson blew past his competitors as even though they were standing still. Adding to the mesmerizing effect had been the gold-colored footwear that Johnson wore on the world’s quickest toes—a $30,000 pair of lightweight racing spikes given to Johnson by way of Nike.
Now not most effective did hundreds of thousands of television viewers see the ones Nike shoes on their monitors, hundreds of thousands of usa citizens saw those identical shoes slung around Johnson’s neck a few days in a while the duvet of Time. It turned into hard to imagine a greater a success piece of advertising and marketing for any Olympic sponsor.
Except for one little trouble: Nike wasn’t an Olympic sponsor.
Rather than buying an reputable sponsorship, Nike decided it could get its logo into the 1996 games in different approaches—and Johnson’s gold footwear have been just the beginning.
The emblem opened an oversized “Nike Centre” proper beside the athletes’ village. Nike also disbursed flags to fans, guaranteeing that its swoosh logo would be in full view all over the property.
Such methods infuriated Reebok, which had ponied up a suggested $50 million to become an respectable sponsor, and had a similar impact on Olympic officials.


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