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When a foot is inserted, the shoe tightens mechanically until it senses friction factors. There are a pair of buttons near the tongue to adjust in shape as wanted. That such high tech footwear, with a likely (though nevertheless TBD) high price tag to match, might be ideal in a rustic that spends billions a 12 months on shoes changed into almost taken for granted. That Hatfield, now Nike’s vice president of innovative standards and possibly the arena’s maximum celebrated designer of footwear, a human icon inside a corporate one, could lead the crew in the back of them turned into most effective expected. And while nobody will say how an awful lot the employer has spent at the shoe’s development—“a large amount of R&D greenbacks” is as particular as Parker, now the business enterprise’s CEO, gets—Hatfield believes the Hyper Adapt is step one in a revolution in adaptive footwear and as a result well worth each red cent. “We’re speakme about a challenge that’s perhaps the most hard inside the history of footwear,” Hatfield says. “I’m greater enthusiastic about this than any assignment I’ve ever been worried with.”


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