Tinker Hatfield was sitting at a drafting table in his workplace in Beaverton, Oregon. He and every other young designer at Nike named Mark Parker had simply back from a brainstorming consultation in Hollywood with film director Robert Zemeckis, who was storyboarding the sequel to his sci-fi comedy hit of 3 years earlier, again to the destiny. It turned into 1988, and Zemeckis and his creative crew were on the hunt for futuristic sight gags for the movie, set in 2015. That they had tasked Hatfield and Parker with dreaming up some seriously 21st-century sneakers. One idea that got here up within the meeting worried magnetic levitation, but to Hatfield that appeared a touch too Jetsons.

His time as a pole-vaulter and his degree in architecture from the University of Oregon had taught him to prize utility, and it didn?t seem plausible to him that any athlete, even decades in the future, would ever want or need to levitate.

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