Free Enterprise

Elmwood park ? because while does a pair of $a hundred seventy five nike footwear represent motive for murder?
as of overdue, this has been a state of affairs with some innertown kids murders. normal, the murder fee has risen 21 percentage because remaining 12 months.of path, every killing among younger humans can`t be attributed to their desire for nike shoes. but the monetary and social frustration felt by means of most of those offenders is immediatelyassociated with the capitalist society wherein we live.
nike`s use of such spokespersons as bo jackson, spike lee and michael jordan best amplifies the frustrations and hopelessness felt via the youth.
operation push`s boycott of nike, along side its needs for greater economic reciprocity and deeper corporate sensitivity, are illustrative of our society`s emphasis on individuality and fulfillment rather than social equality and collective nicely-being.
the hiring of greater minority employees could handiest produce extra purchasers for overpriced products such as nike shoes. it would by no means alleviate the desperate situation many poverty-afflicted youths find themselves in.

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